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Christ Church United FC is not allowed to operate during November due to the Government’s latest Covid lockdown.

For more information, see below

Arrangements for CCUFC’s 2020/21 season need to comply with the Government’s rules and guidance issued by the FA aimed at keeping players, parents and coaches as safe as possible. Our ‘Covid Plan’ is in place and working effectively.

We are operating four age-groups: U6/U7 (school years 1 & 2), U8 (school year 3), and U9/U10 (school years 4 & 5) and U11/U12 (school years 6 & 7). Due to Covid rules, we’ve been restricting attendance to players who were CCUFC members last season. However, the Government’s latest lockdown rules mean CCUFC is not allowed to operate on the four Saturdays in November.

We hope we’ll be able return to action in December, but that’s not certain. We’ll provide a further update in due course.

More information is available elsewhere on this website. If it doesn’t answer your questions, get in touch with us via the Contact page.

CCUFC Management Team 5 November 2020